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About the Founder

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About the Founder

Dr. Gyula Kovács founding lawyer

Partner in legal matters
Dr. Gyula Kovács, attorney-at-law, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Eötvös Loránd University and obtained his law degree.


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GDPR specialist

Dr. Dániel Gerván Attorney At Law

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medical doctor

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Fields of expertise

Professional advantages

Dr. Kovács Gyula

is a lawyer who mainly acts as a defence counsel in criminal proceedings, and represents people in civil litigation and family law (divorce) proceedings.

In two foreign languages

Dr. Gyula Kovács is a lawyer fluent in English and French, including both foreign languages, legal and economic.

Areas of expertise

Our areas of specialisation include criminal law, civil litigation, Tax Authority (NAV) litigation and non-litigation.

He wrote his thesis in the field of criminal law on the subject of bankruptcy offences, with a special focus on the Hungarian situation of bankruptcy offences, and an overview of the English and French bankruptcy systems.

Professional experience

He gained his legal experience in a law firm with a mixed practice in Budapest, where his main area of practice was criminal law, with a special focus on violent crimes against property (robbery, plunder) and crimes against property, offences against the budget (budget fraud), offences against life, limb and health (homicide, assault), drug-related offences, embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, drink-driving and offences against the orderly management of the economy.

He has also gained extensive experience in tort law, in civil litigation relating to medical malpractice, and has advised on real estate law for foreign clients and corporate law for international clients.

Vegyes praxisú ügyvédi iroda
Dr. Gyula Kovács, attorney-at-law, mainly acts as defence counsel in criminal proceedings. In the area of civil law, he provides legal representation in civil litigation and family law (divorce) cases.

Dr. Gyula Kovács is fluent in English and French, including both foreign languages, legal and economic.

Vegyes praxisú jogi képviselet

Dr. Gyula Kovács Attorney At Law

A high street law firm providing legal representation to individuals, Businesses and Partnerships in Hungarian, English and French. Dr. Gyula Kovács, Attorney At Law.

Support in legal matters

We take particular care to

provide a tailored, personalised, high value-added legal service in each case, meeting our clients’ individual needs and ensuring the most effective contribution to the successful representation of our clients’ interests, in addition to providing objective information.