Dr. Kovács H. Gyula Budapesti Ügyvédi Iroda

Dr. Kovács H. Gyula Law Firm


Dr. Kaltenecker Dániel

Dr. Dániel Kaltenecker Attorney At Law

public procurement
law specialist

Dr. Horváth Katalin ügyvéd

Dr. Katalin Horváth Attorney At Law

data security and data protection specialist lawyer
GDPR specialist

Dr. Dániel Gerván Attorney At Law

labor law specialist

Dr. Erika Losonczi

medical doctor

Ferenc Teglár

auditor, accountant

Vegyes praxisú jogi képviselet

Dr. Gyula Kovács Attorney At Law

A high street law firm providing legal representation to individuals, Businesses and Partnerships in Hungarian, English and French. Dr. Gyula Kovács, Attorney At Law.