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Criminal law

One of the key areas of specialty of the law firm Dr. Kovács H. Gyula Law Firm is criminal law. The founder, dr. Gyula H. Kovács is qualified financial and bar registered finance expert and economic crime specialist lawyer.

We provide effective and high quality defence and legal representation for aggrieved parties – including the definition of the defence strategy, advice and consultation prior to the possible initiation of criminal proceedings – for both natural persons and business entities, from the beginning of the investigation phase until the final judgment.
In addition to the ordinary remedy proceedings (appeal) before the Regional Court, the Regional Court of Appeal or the Curia, we also have specialised knowledge and expertise in proceedings before the Constitutional Court (constitutional complaint, review of norms), the Court of Justice of the European Union (preliminary ruling) and the European Court of Human Rights (violation of the Convention), as well as in extraordinary proceedings (retrial, petition for review).
Our expertise extends to the enforcement of the aggrieved party's civil claim, but also asset recovery proceedings, including avoiding – possibly – forfeiture of assets (seizure), but also the most severe coercive measure that can be imposed on property (share of a business or real estate), namely the non-imposition of a sequestration order.
Following a thorough investigation of the facts of the case and if the criminal case so requires, the Law Firm can also assist in cooperating with the authorities and in facilitating a plea agreement, whether it is a case of budget fraud, corruption, economic crime, crime against property, administrative crime, drug-related crime or even a crime against life or limb.
Based on our experience, we can say that economic crimes (against property) and crimes against the budget require full knowledge of the highest level of related and relevant sectoral legislation (taxation, management, accounting, residence, right in rem, law of obligations), and therefore the design of the defence strategy requires special attention. Recognising this fact and its importance, we have developed a concept whereby, in economic criminal cases, the Law Firm, in addition to the partner specialising in criminal law, involves the two other partners with outstanding experience in the application of sectoral legislation in order to use their expertise in a joint and mutually supportive manner, thus developing the most appropriate defence.
Criminal law - Dr. Kovács H. Gyula Budapesti Ügyvédi Iroda

Law firm considers it particularly important – bearing in mind the presumption of innocence – that the suspect or the accused is able to defend himself or herself as effectively as possible during the criminal proceedings, and we have therefore acquired exceptional expertise in the possible prevention of the imposition of the strictest coercive measures subject to judicial authorisation affecting personal liberty (pre-trial detention).

The Law Firm also undertakes to represent the reporting person (aggrieved party) or provide defence to the defendant in private prosecution or substitute private prosecution procedures. In addition to the above, the full defence of the suspect (accused) includes the preparation, training and substitution of our Client in procedural acts where his/her presence is not mandatory, and constant contact with the authorities. Full representation of the aggrieved party includes the preparation of the necessary crime report, the submission of a motion for restraining or other coercive measures, the enforcement of the civil claim in accordance with the rules of procedure, and the exercise of the rights of the aggrieved party.

We specifically (but not exclusively) undertake to defend our Clients in criminal proceedings relating to the following matters:

  • budget fraud (tax fraud)- key competence,
  • money laundering,
  • participation in a criminal organisation,
  • nuisance,
  • criminal offences against life, limb or health (causing bodily harm, endangering by professional misconduct, failure to render aid),
  • economic criminal offence,
  • traffic offences (drink-driving, causing a road traffic
    accident, endangering road traffic)
  • corruption offences (active bribery, passive trading in influence, active trading in influence)
  • offences against property (theft, fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation,
  • violent criminal offence against property,
  • drug-related offences (drug trafficking, drug possession),
  • criminal offence committed in official capacity,
  • criminal offence against public officers,
  • criminal offence against justice or
  • criminal offence against the order of business management,
  • embezzlement,
  • fraud
  • bankruptcy fraud
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