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Boutique law firm with specialisation in criminal law and litigation

Dr. Kovács H. Gyula
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“Reliability, expertise and support in legal matters”

Tailor- made legal representation

We provide legal representation tailored to your individual needs.

Effective litigation

Criminal cases, economic crimes, family law cases, medical malpractice cases, civil law cases, litigation of contractual obligations

Legal representation in English and French

We are fluent in both foreign languages, including legal and business.

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About the Founder

Dr. Gyula Kovács founding lawyer

Partner in legal matters
Dr. Gyula Kovács, attorney-at-law, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Eötvös Loránd University and obtained his law degree.
Fields of expertise

Legal representation

Criminal law is the ultimate instrument in the legal liability system, which can only be used when sanctions in other branches of law are no longer helpful. Reliable criminal law specialist in Budapest.

We represent our Clients from the drafting, conclusion and review of the employment contract and other related documents to the termination or expiry of the employment relationship.

With regards to divorce and dissolution of marriage, the law firm has the necessary expertise, practical experience and substantive knowledge in both factual and agreed divorce cases.




We are at your side in everyday disputes, such as divorce, property, declaratory judgments, personal injury, property, tort and liability

Our Budapest based law firm provides full representation in litigation before the Tax Authority (NAV) as well as in related judicial review and appellate proceedings

Our law firm in Budapest takes care of the legal fate of real estate in a client-focused, understandable and secure manner, whether it is a sale, a gift or the creation of a beneficial interest.

Our law firm provides efficient and swift solutions to clients in corporate, transactional, money and capital markets and competition law matters.
Medical malpractice cases are an extremely complex part of the legal profession, given that medical expertise and specialised knowledge are essential in addition to legal representation.

Dr. Gyula Kovács Attoreny At Law

Mixed- skilled law firm

Legal representation for individuals, businesses and partnerships

Fields of expertise

Professional advantages

Dr. Kovács Gyula

is a lawyer who mainly acts as a defence counsel in criminal proceedings, and represents people in civil litigation and family law (divorce) proceedings.

In two foreign languages

Dr. Gyula Kovács is a lawyer fluent in English and French, including both foreign languages, legal and economic.

Areas of expertise

Our areas of specialisation include criminal law, civil litigation, Tax Authority (NAV) litigation and non-litigation.

Support in legal matters

We take particular care to

provide a tailored, personalised, high value-added legal service in each case, meeting our clients’ individual needs and ensuring the most effective contribution to the successful representation of our clients’ interests, in addition to providing objective information.


Great law firm! In an easily accessible location, directly at the Kossuth tér stop of the M2 metro. Mr. Ügyevéd has excellent professional training (quick and precise work) and a friendly, customer-oriented attitude. Thank you very much for everything, I can only recommend it! - Google translate

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Gábor K.

I entrusted the law firm with corporate law. The lawyer completed everything within the deadline and also provided tax advice. There was also an international party in the financial transaction, and the legal transaction was concluded successfully. - Google translate

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Viktor V.

I asked for your help in a complicated real estate transaction. Result: professional attitude, smooth business process. Fast punctual. I can only recommend. - Google translate

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Balazs N.

We were extremely satisfied with the lawyer. We contacted him about a rather complicated legal dispute and we are completely satisfied with his work! - Google translate

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Szabolcs T.

Mr. Lawyer helped me with a civil rights case, very professional - Google translate

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Lajos V.