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Family law, divorce cases

The law firm Kovács H. Gyula acts with the utmost discretion in the field of family law (divorce cases), given that it is considered the most sensitive part of jurisprudence.
For reasons of sensitivity, the members of the Law Firm pay particular attention to the person of the Client, in particular with regard to legal issues concerning the fate of the child(ren). Family law is the only area of law which, in addition to professional knowledge and experience, requires the lawyer to support his/her Client with a high degree of empathy.

With regard to divorce cases (dissolution of marriage), the Law Firm has the necessary expertise, practical experience and substantive knowledge in both factual (without agreement) divorce proceedings and divorce proceedings based on agreement.

In divorce cases, we encourage our Clients above all to seek an agreement, especially in the best interests of the child(ren). In order to meet all the needs of our Clients to the maximum extent possible, we negotiate with the opposing party or his/her legal representative to facilitate the conclusion of an agreement as soon as possible, translating the will of the parties into the language of the law, with particular emphasis and special attention to matrimonial property issues, child custody, contact and maintenance payments, and, where appropriate, the cause of the total and irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Prior to the settlement negotiations, a detailed inventory of property (balance sheet) is drawn up during the consultation, if available, and the property contract submitted is examined in detail.
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In addition to divorce proceedings, the Law Firm also undertakes the drafting, commenting and reviewing of matrimonial (cohabitant) property contracts after prior consultation.

In the framework of this, the Client will receive detailed information on the matrimonial (cohabitant) property regime, after which we will prepare or review, respectively, the property regime to be created or the existing property regime already agreed by the Client according to his/her needs.
According to the practical experience of the Law Firm, family law cases (primarily divorces) can often border on criminal law (harassment, causing bodily harm, domestic violence, endangering a minor, crimes against property), therefore, in case of suspected criminal conduct, the Law Firm provides full aggrieved party representation for its Clients in family law related offences, thus ensuring comprehensive, complex legal services.
In addition to the above, the Law Firm therefore provides legal representation in the most common areas detailed below:

parental custody (contact, visitation)

placement of the child

division of property, matrimonial property contract

child support

spousal maintenance

settling the use of a common dwelling (property)

conciliation (helping to reach an agreement)

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