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Tax law

The law firm Kovács H. Gyula has extensive experience in tax law in the field of direct and indirect taxes, in particular personal income tax (PIT), value added tax (VAT) and corporate tax (CT), given that one of the founding partners of the Law Firm, Dr. Gyula Kovács, also has a degree in economics.

The Law Firm provides full representation to its Clients in litigation before the Tax Authority, as well as in related judicial review and appellate litigation.

The Law Firm pays special attention to assisting all represented companies to achieve their business objectives according to the most appropriate tax structure; accordingly, we undertake tax due diligence and examination of the given contracts, provide VAT advice and tax planning related to investments and financial transactions.

In particular, the complexity of the Law Firm also extends to the restructuring of companies and the identification of tax risks and tax saving opportunities arising during employment.

Our most common tax law practice areas include litigation against the Tax Authority, VAT and CT advice, in particular on deductibility and return filing, and on ways to reduce corporate tax. The Law Firm also undertakes providing tax and financial advice for a flat rate, with an emphasis on compliance with the Accounting Act; advice and legal representation in compliance investigations, and providing services regarding self-audits, official statements and court proceedings.

Our most common tax law activities therefore include the following procedures and tasks:

  • representation in litigation against the tax authorities,
  • cooperation with accountants in case of tax authority audit, providing support to the management,
  • VAT advice, in particular with regard to deductibility and return filing, providing opinion on VAT subledgers,
  • providing tax and financial advice for a flat rate, taking into account compliance with the Accounting Act,
  • advice and legal representation in compliance investigations,
  • services related to self-audits, official positions and court proceedings,
  • developing ways to reduce corporate tax (CT).
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The Law Firm cooperates with several renowned forensic tax experts.
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