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Labour law

The law firm Dr. Kovács H. Gyula provides employment law advice to employers and employees alike. We represent our Clients all through the drafting, conclusion and review of employment contracts and other related documents to the termination of the employment relationship (ordinary termination, termination during probationary period, termination with immediate effect).

During the drafting and review of documents, and during the creation of the labour law framework in a precise, systematically interdependent, complementary manner that is optimal for all parties, we place particular emphasis on ensuring that no unexpected labour law problems arise for either party later, as there is no successful business without an efficient organisational and operational structure.

Our advice and legal opinions on a specific employment law issue cover all areas of employment law, whether it concerns wrongful termination of employment, employment liability (workplace accident, industrial accident), breach of a trade secret, non-competition agreement, study contract, organisational and operational rules, health and safety rules, simplified employment, wages, or even employment-related infringements on personality rights.

Munkajogi ügyvéd, kártérítési perek és üzemi balesetek

The Law Firm contributes to the amicable and out-of-court settlement of employment disputes in order to maintain the legal relationship, but of course we also represent our Clients in court.

We have special expertise in conducting full employment law audits (due diligence), as well as in setting up and managing corporate compliance systems. We also act as whistleblower lawyers for the protection of whistleblowers for persons who are employed by or who have other legal relationship with the company.

We also assist our Clients in the drafting of privacy notices and in the area of GDPR with the involvement of a competent attorney.

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